Sit on the Blue Sofa let’s talk about Safe Moon


The SafeMoon Protocol is a community-focused, fair launched DeFi Token.
Three simple functions occur during each trade. Reflection
5% is reflected to all holders for passive income, LP Acquisition, 5% is added to a liquidity pool, Burn.

Quotes: “Citizens of countries battling high inflation are likely to opt for cryptocurrency, because “with their paradigm of decentralization, cryptocurrencies offer an alternative to disastrous central bank policies.”Rakesh Sharma, a business and technology journalist.”

Scam Alert — BE MINDFUL

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  • Christian Catalini is the founder of the MIT Cryptoeconomics Lab, and a Research Scientist at the MIT Sloan School.

Christian is also co-creator of Diem (formerly Libra), and the chief economist of the Diem Association.

I think this is part of the involvement in the Gambia. The TAF City is the biggest TAF Africa Global Project in The Gambia. The TAF City “Founded in 1990, TAG Limited is a Pan African real estate development company with a presence in 8 #African countries and dominance in 2 – #Nigeria & The #Gambia.” will be twice the size of Banjul when fully developed or completed. Our projects are geared towards the delivery of Efficient and Affordable Homes. Over the years, our brand has become reputable as a result of our firm belief in Quality; we do not compromise on quality for any reason. A key signature of our Estates is the numerous fruit trees we plant, along with lush landscaping which has become an expectation for our repeat customers. We are an environmentally friendly company, and as such we are always guided by the environmental impact assessment report of every project.

Something I found while doing research.

Blue Eyes?

Hmmm Blue Lazer Eyes….could it be SAFEMOON eyes

what would the next /current evolution of this be? Maybe a WEB3, Maybe IOTA….