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  • – This customizable, interactive heat map shows the state of prices and market cap across the cryptoverse quite uniquely, and at a glance.
  • – Fiat Leak shows government money being turned into various cryptos via exchanges worldwide, with a coin’s symbol beaming out of a fiat flag into the country where the exchange occurred. Users simply select the cryptocurrency they want to monitor, and then watch the exchanges happen in real time.
  • – Watch the world jerk around wildly before your eyes taking you to bitcoin transactions as they happen across the globe. Amount, time, miner info and relay location are listed.
  • –’s Tx Watch features two “highways” showing transactions in BTC and BCH move relaxingly across the screen. Transaction sizes are ranked in USD from “Micro” to “Mega Whale,” and the different-sized paths are representative of the respective block size limits of Bitcoin Core (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). This site is especially helpful for newbies to the crypto space, as the FAQ section at the bottom of the screen is tailor made for common users, and not just veteran crypto heads.
  • – Bitflyer’s “chainflyer” blockchain explorer is one of the more info-rich, highly detailed, and cleanly displayed visualizations on the list. Plus, it has an audio element. Beyond the tone-scaled chimes representing transactions, the color-coded octahedrons are denoted with images of keys if they are multisig transactions, small black octahedrons attached if segwit, and transactions per second as well as mempool info are also displayed. Sit back, relax, and watch the blockchain happen while drinking your tea. Chainflyer is available in Japanese and English via the settings button.
  • – A classic site for comparing and analyzing the Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core networks in a fashion even the newest of newbs could understand. Buses on each network fill up with riders as transactions come in. “On, the block size limit is visualized by the number of buses. Each bus represents 1 megabyte of potential storage space in the next block, aside from the segwit storage bus which only holds signature data,” the site details. On top of providing ample mempool, block, tx, fee, and coin info, the site also introduces crypto beginners to the concept of stress testing, BCH social network, the lightning network and segwit.

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