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Tracking some transactions

4/13-4/14/24 $96.00 BTC to $60.00 April 6 $98.00 to $68.00 3/23/24 $328.00 to $292.00 Another odd one.

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What Is Autopilot: The Investment App That Tracks Politicians?

Autopilot is a political investment app that uses algorithms to predict the outcomes of government decisions based on historical data and current political events. By analyzing the policies of politicians, the app can provide insights into which leaders and parties are more likely to favor certain investments or industries, enabling users to make more informed investment decisions. While the app may be helpful for those interested in investing in a politically conscious manner, it is important to note that past performance is not a guarantee of future returns, and investing always carries risks.

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blockchain explorers

A blockchain explorer is a tool used to trace transactions within a blockchain network and view the historical data of transactions that have taken place on the network. These tools help users and organizations to monitor and audit transactions, check for errors, and recover lost assets. Blockchain explorers typically offer features such as transaction history search, filtering, and sorting, and may also provide information about the blockchain network’s current state and status.

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BlockchainBNBBSCCrypto Just Launched | $BUNDY | In honor of AL BUNDY | A True

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