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Blockchain Announces DabbaFlow, A File Sharing and Data Management Platform, the development team building an open-source, machine learning-powered network for smart infrastructure and customizable dApps, has launched DabbaFlow.

In a press release, said the ready-made and end-to-end encrypted file-sharing system is the first of its kind and would empower businesses and entities to take control of their data privately and securely. Notably, DabbaFlow leverages the benefits of the blockchain to ensure privacy preservation of all sensitive data transmitted on its rails. All data piped through the product will be auditable and secure, a guarantee vital for maintaining and protecting business reputation.

The solution is borne out of necessity, considering the exponential expansion of data online accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic of early 2020. With more businesses coming online and uploading data, there is also an increased risk of hacks and unauthorized access by third parties. These breaches can be consequential to victims and businesses, mainly if they are engaged in data-sensitive sectors like healthcare and finance. The resulting loss of business and reputational damage can adversely affect the entity’s ability to expand, partner, or even do business.

Accordingly, the demand for a secure file-sharing platform is paramount. is, therefore, timely providing a solution to cater to businesses desirous of using a superior product in the digital age to shield data against unapproved access while being a conduit for further processing. DabbaFlow, according to Humayun Sheikh, Founder, and CEO of, offers a file transfer system and is also a data management tool for creating “powerful AI models”.

“If data is the new oil, we need rigs and refineries that keep up with the times. People are beginning to understand how valuable their data is. With the paradigm-shifting towards more secure and decentralized solutions, new business models are emerging. DabbaFlow is here to provide the data management tools to create powerful AI models that are relevant to a distributed web.”

DabbaFlow provides multiple layers of encryption, high performance, and end-user control while remaining private and secure. creators have said the product is their first push in their overarching mission of linking artificial intelligence with web3. Besides offering a file transfer system, the tool will provide’s CoLearn with a reliable and auditable data layer with robust controls. With this provision, it becomes easier for clients to use data and interact with machine learning models for deeper, more thorough analysis